July 13, 2019

In this interview, I chat with Ashlee Murphy all about choosing joy. She talks about what that means, what it looks like and how it has changed her entire life! It's such a good interview, and she has a lot to share.

Click here to listen:
Choosing Joy with Ashlee Murphy


March 4, 2019

In January, I went on a medical mission trip to Honduras. Though we were only there for a week, God taught me A L O T. In this blog, I talk about three of the most simple but profound lessons that I learned on this trip!

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3 Things I Learned in Honduras

February 18, 2019

I got to guest write a post over at Transparency Blog all about one of my favorite stories in the Bible and God's incredible love for us.

Check it out!
Your Personal Invitation to Let God Love You

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