November 22, 2020

Join Tiffany and I as we discuss what it's like to live a life connected to the Vine. We talk about abiding in the Lord, hearing His voice, and carrying out the things He asks of us. This conversation was definitely an encouragement for the both of us, and I pray that it will be for you also!

Click here to listen: Connected to the Vine with Tiffany Catron


February 26, 2020
As we go throughout this Lenten season, the Lord has placed it on my heart to share reflections with you all each day. I'm not sure where this will lead, but I know with the Lord guiding, it will be somewhere good.

I invite you to follow along on this journey with me and discover more of the Lord's heart for yourself.

All of my reflections throughout this season can be found here: Lent Reflections

January 24, 2020

Happy 2020! Regardless of what season you find yourself in as this year is starting, know that you can find the Lord's goodness here and now.

Read more and be encouraged:
Declare His Goodness

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